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Expand your yards with our R104-sized switch tracks. Each kit includes a left and right switch, along with the necessary curve tracks to make everything fit nicely. Two standard R104 curve tracks are included, along with a pair of two special curves, R104A and R104B. While very similar in size, the R104A is a "turnout" curve and the R104B is a "siding" curve, ensuring your tracks will always link up perfectly to other points on the stud grid. Multiple kits can be combined to make crossover switches, so your biggest trains can switch tracks with ease. The switches are different from the traditional LEGO® switches in that they are actuated by a turntable mechanism rather than a toggle switch. This was designed to ease automation of the switches. A quarter turn of the mechanism actuates the switch, with a soft but positive "click" locking it in place. The switch stand is also reversible and can be placed on either side of the switch. Like all of our products, these tracks are 100% injection molded for superior fit, finish, and durability. These will perfectly compliment your standard LEGO® track pieces and trains. Compatible with all Power Function and Powered UP LEGO® trains.

R104 Switch Track Kits

$44.95 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price
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