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ABOUT bricktracks

BrickTracks™ is dedicated to manufacturing high quality custom track pieces for use with LEGO® trains and bricks.  Whether you're building a detailed layout or just laying tracks on the floor, BrickTracks™ tracks expand beyond the standard LEGO® offering to help you get the most enjoyment out of your creations.

How we started


We've all heard it for years: someone promises to make wide radius curves for LEGO® trains, we get our hopes up, only to have those promises evaporate or the product isn't what you expect it to be.  So we decided rather than sit around lamenting the lack of track and waiting for someone else to do something, we should just get to work.   A few years and a dozen prototypes later, we're ready to help you get building!

Why BrickTracks?


We know how to get quality parts made and get them to you quickly.  All our engineering is done right here in the States to the highest standards.  We use our tracks in our own layouts, so we make sure it's right.  If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you.

"Now that I have not only held the BrickTracks products in-hand, but have run these tracks at two public displays running under show conditions (out of town travel, set up, multiple day operations, tear down, etc), I fully endorse their products. Their high quality track has excellent clutch power, allows for full speed operations of big, heavy trains, and can stand up to the same punishment as standard LEGO curves." - Anthony Sava

"They are perfectly moulded, dead flat, have great "grip" between track panels and my trains glide over them perfectly! I am THRILLED with your product. It has been a great success!" - Sean Kelly

"I received my order of R120s and R104s and just want to say the product and the quality is fantastic...this product makes me very happy."  - Steve Whittaker

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