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Delayed from its release last year due to the myriad supply chain issues facing the world, the 2022 North Pole Railroad sleigh car is finally here!


Containing nearly 500 pieces this small set is designed to pair with the official LEGO® "Santa's Sleigh" set #40499.  You can find the set here or at your favorite place to buy LEGO® sets.  Note that the sleigh itself is NOT INCLUDED - please don't send us angry letters when it arrives without the sleigh portion.  


As always, we use only genuine LEGO® bricks (or high-quality 3rd party elements when they don't otherwise exist); you'll find no clone bricks on these. 


This product will be a limited release and available only until Christmas. When it's gone, it's gone!



Ages 14+

490 Pieces (sleigh not included)

Length: 31cm / 12.3"

Maximum width: 9cm / 3.5" (11 studs)

Minimum Track Radius: R40 (R56+ Recommended)


NPRR Sleigh Flat Car (2022 Railcar)

SKU: 1230
  • Pre-production model shown, some colors or elements may vary.  Contains LEGO®, StudlyTrains™, and BrickTracks™ elements. Decals and printed elements by OKBrickworks™. Track elements not included.  Trademarks are all properties of their respective owners.

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