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You didn't expect Santa's reindeer to fly everywhere, did you?


Containing over 1700 pieces and sporting the new North Pole Railroad logo, this 40' stock car is new for 2023 and has extra headroom for antlers and reindeer games and holds up to four (4) reindeer.  A decal sheet with 10* reindeer names is included for the nameplates, so customize however you like!


As any grinch can tell you, reindeer are scarce, so this kit is available with or without the reindeer if you have your own already and would like to save some of that Christmas money.  As always, we use only genuine LEGO® bricks (or high-quality 3rd party elements when they don't otherwise exist); you'll find no clone bricks on these. 


This product will be a limited release and available only until Christmas. When it's gone, it's gone!



Ages 14+

1729 Pieces without reindeer, 1741 with reindeer

Length: 34cm / 13.5"

Maximum width: 10cm / 4" (12 studs)

Minimum Track Radius: R40 (R56+ Recommended)


*Accomodating the most pedantic among us, period accurate builders will option for Dunder and Blixem as they were known until the early 20th century, while modern traditionalists will opt for the more common Donner and Blitzen.  

NPRR Reindeer Stock Car (2023 Railcar)

SKU: 1231
PriceFrom $499.95
  • Pre-production model shown, some colors or elements may vary.  Contains LEGO®, StudlyTrains™, and BrickTracks™ elements. Decals and printed elements by OKBrickworks™. Track elements not included.  Trademarks are all properties of their respective owners.

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