Get your hot chocolate and egg nog delivered by tanker this season, as we're excited to announce our first expansion set for our North Pole Railroad! At nearly a foot long each and almost 1500 pieces, this set includes not one, but two 10,000 gallon tank cars. As always, we use only genuine bricks (or high-quality 3rd party elements when they don't otherwise exist). 84-page spiral bound instruction book is included in this kit. Whether coupled to your own train MOC or with our North Pole Railroad, these tankers are sure to bring plenty of cheer to your layout! Specifications:Ages 14+1496 PiecesLength: 60cm / 23.6"Maximum width: 10cm / 4" (12 studs)Minimum Track Radius: R40 (R56+ Recommended)


This product will be a limited release and available only until Christmas. When it's gone, it's gone! Contains LEGO®, BrickModelRailroader™, StudlyTrains™, and BrickTracks™ elements. Decals and printed elements by OKBrickworks™. Track elements not included.

NPRR Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog Tank Cars

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